About Us

Providing Humanitarian Services for More Than Three Decades

Mission of Cercle De L’amitie De New Jersey

Our organization is dedicated to creating brighter futures for our Haitian brothers and sisters both here in America and in Haiti. We currently pursue the following project to fulfil our mission:

  • Provide educational and charitable opportunities to families residing in Union County and Essex County, New Jersey.

  • Promote social and health development in the Haitian-American community.

  • Provide food, shelter, and clothing to orphans in Haiti.

  • Offer scholarship to college-bound English language learners.

  • Educate under-privileged children in Haiti.

We believe that education is one of the most precious gifts any human being can receive on this earth. We also strongly believe that among the children that we are helping some of them may become true leaders who will take part in the liberation and development of our beloved country, Haiti. Driven by this belief for thirty years, CERLAM is committed more than ever before to continue playing a significant role in educating as many needy children as possible. Anyone who can help us making this belief a reality will be very much appreciated.